October 5th 4.30pm / 5 octobre 16h30 - Jana Stuart, piano. Musique de Films / Movie Music

Concert Review
On Saturday the 5th Jana Stuart presented her concert for 120 music lovers. Her music from films arranged for solo piano was presented with amazing clarity of musical vision and passion, she made the music dance before our eyes. The public was very appreciative of hearing this music in a concert format, and clamored for more from her as she presented two encores to standing ovations.  
samedi 5 octobre 2013 / Saturday 5th October 
16h 30 / 4.30 pm
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
Ste-Catherine / University. Metro McGill

Musique de films -Movie Music
 Jana Stuart - piano  

Forrest Gump, Feather Theme                  Alan Silvestri

Requiem for a Dream, Lux Aeterna            Clint Mansell

The Hours, Morning Passages                       Philip Glass

Le fabuleux destin d`Amélie Poulain        Yann Tiersen
Comptine d’une autre été : après-midi
Comptine d’une autre été: No.2
Le Moulin - La dispute - Valse d`Amélie

The Piano, The Heart Asks Pleasure First                      
                                                                    Michael Nyman

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly          Paul Cantelon

Man of Steel, The Ideal of Hope            Hans Zimmer

September 28th, 4.30pm / septembre 28 16h 30 - mezcla perfecta de ruido y belleza

Concert Review
Polina Minatcheva, Olivier Barrier, and Krystina Marcoux presented a fabulous concert of modern music by alcides lanza, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Berio, and Venerucci. The music was very challenging and exciting, for prepared piano, solo oboe, and percussion instruments. While all the music was spectacularly performed, particular mention should go to Marcoux's presentation of Stockhausen's Vibra-Elufa for vibraphone for extraordinary conception and execution. These three exceptional musicians are rising stars in Canadian music. 
samedi 28 septembre 2013 / Saturday 28th September 
16h 30 / 4.30 pm
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
Ste-Catherine / University. Metro McGill

mezcla perfecta de ruido y belleza

Sequenza VIIa [1969] for oboe solo
                                            Luciano Berio (1925 – 2003)
Olivier Barrier, hautbois / oboe

plectros I [1962-II] for piano, 4 hands
                                        alcides lanza (né en / b. 1929)
Polina Minatcheva, Krystina Marcoux, piano

Vibra-Elufa [2003] for vibraphone solo 
                                      Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928 - 2007)
Krystina Marcoux, vibraphone

Sakountala [1995] for oboe solo
                                     Francesco Venerucci (né en / b. 1968)
Olivier Barrier, hautbois / oboe

ektenes II [ 1987-IV], for oboe and percussion
                                                alcides lanza (né en / b. 1929)
Olivier Barrier, hautbois / oboe
Krystina Marcoux, percussion

September 14, 4.30pm / 16h 30 - String Quartets / Quatuors à cordes

L'Oasis Musicale are delighted to be working in partnership with Chamber Music Without Borders (CMWB). Last Saturday 7 talented string players enchanted the large audience with their passionate and lyrical renditions of Dvořák  and Beethoven. We thought we would use this opportunity to tell you more about CMWB - and we look forward to welcoming them back to L'Oasis Musicale on Saturday 28th October. 

Chamber Music Without Borders is an outreach program that offers musical encounters to community institutions in the Montreal area. Initiated, directed by and featuring student musicians, the goal is to make music more accessible to everyone, particularly those who might not otherwise be able to attend high quality concerts. Facets of our program include regular performances at Drop-in centres for the homeless (St. James) and Seniors’ residences (le Manoir de L’age D’or, Place Kensington) and workshops with children (schools near Cote Vertu). CMWB is designed as a collaboration between McGill and the Montreal community: soloists and ensembles offer free, accessible performances in return for the opportunity to perform and experiment with music for appreciative and diverse audiences. Together both groups have the opportunity to broaden their horizons through music.

Musique de chambre sans frontières crée des liens entre les étudiants de l’école de musique Schulich de l’université McGill et la communauté montréalaise. Cette initiative étudiante, qui est secondée par l’administration de l’école de musique Schulich, cherche à rendre la musique classique accessible et vivante aux communauté montréalais. Par l’entremise de ce programme, les jeunes musiciens bénéficieront d’une opportunité de performance et acquerront de l’expérience dans le domaine de la production de concert. De son côté, la population montréalaise aura l’occasion de vivre l’expérience captivante du concert. Le binôme formé par les étudiants et la communauté récoltera alors les fruits de cette expérience hors pair: élargir ses horizons tout en développant une profonde compréhension des liens qui unissent les membres de la communauté montréalaise. Dirigé par les étudiants, ce programme offre des possibilités de performances publiques et une l’occasion de vivre l’esprit d’entreprise des contacts intergénérationnels avec la communauté et une place de choix dans le futur des arts et de la culture à Montréal.

samedi 14 septembre 2013 / Saturday 14th September 
16h 30 / 4.30 pm
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
Ste-Catherine / University. Metro McGill

Contribution volontaire  /  Freewill donation

Sonoro String Quartet  / Quatuor a cordes

Quatuors à Cordes
Sonoro & Clark String Quartets    

Terzetto in C major, op 74
                                Antonín Dvořák (1841 – 1904)
Members of The Clark Quartet
Sam Clark - violon / violin
Kate Maloney - violon / violin
Victor de Coninck - alto / viola

String Quartet / Quatuor in Bb major op 18, no. 6
                      Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827)

The Sonoro Quartet

Ewald Cheung – violon / violin
Byungchan Lee – violon / violin
Ryan Davis – alto / viola
Eli Weinberger – violoncello / cello

September 7 4.30pm / 16h30. Montreal Consort, director John Wiens 'Gaude Gloriosa''

Concert Review
Thank you to John Weins director and the singers of the Montreal Consort for yesterday's feast of choral polyphonic music “Gaude Gloriosa- music for a queen” 

The Magnificent anthem “Gaude Gloriosa” by Tomas Tallis, written in honour of the Virgin Mary during the catholic reign of Mary Tudor, is a masterpiece of soaring melodies and rich harmonies. “Quomodo Cantabimus”, the words of psalm 137 set by William Byrd was superbly performed by the consort evoking the spirit of lament and penitence in the repeated falling phrases.

The striking work “Memento Mei” by Haraldur Vignir Sveinbjörnsson played with the acoustics of the cathedral in a dark and mysterious blend of voices and harmonies in an ethereal musical painting so similar to the music of Tallis with which we started, and yet, separated by 450 years, so very different.

samedi 7 septembre 2013 / Saturday 7th September 
16h 30 / 4.30 pm
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
Ste-Catherine / University. Metro McGill

Contribution volontaire  /  Freewill donation

Montreal Consort
conductor John Wiens presents

Byrd - Quomodo Cantabimus
Tallis - Gaude Gloriosa, Sancte Deus, In Ieiunio et Fletu
Sveinbjornsson - Memento Mei