July 6, 2013 - Duo Rêverie, Celtic harp and flute duo

 samedi 6 juillet 2013 / Saturday 6th July 2013
16h30 / 4:30 PM
                                       Duo Rêverie

Airs folkloriques du Royaume Uni et d’Irlande

Traditional folk melodies from the United Kingdom and Ireland
Hannah Roberts Brockow  - harpe celtique / Celtic harp
Jonathan Bailey - flûte

Royal Dream
Prelude I
Three Sea Captains
Loch Lomond
Water Spirit ( harpe solo)
Cró Chinn t-Sáile
Rory Dall’s Sister’s Lament
Roualeyn’s Plaid
Down by the Salley Gardens
Bluebells of Scotland
The Galway Piper
Syrinx (flûte solo)
Jerry hornpipe
I Leave You in Sadness