Samedi 1 fevrier 2014 / Saturday 1st February 2014 16h 30 / 4:30 pm - Harp of the North. Music by Malcolm Sailor for voice, horn and strings

Samedi 1 fevrier 2014 / Saturday 1st February 2014
16h 30 / 4:30 pm
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
Ste-Catherine / University. Metro McGill
Contribution volontaire pour apprecier les musiciens /  
Freewill donation to support the artists
Harp of the North       
  Music by Malcolm Sailor for voice,
horn, and strings
Program to include:
 Songs by Malcolm Sailor
1. Je ne t'aime pas (Maurice Magre)
2. Thursday (Edna St Vincent Millay)
3. Stop all the clocks (WH Auden)
4. Le Printemps (Anonymous)
Five songs from "Being and not being loved"
(Malcolm Sailor)
1. Parties
2. Love
3. You could
4. With my every word

5. I wish there was 
Sarah Albu – Soprano
Lyne Santamaria, Horn
Frederique Tanguay-Gagnon, Violin
Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde, Cello
Marie-Chistine Desrosiers, Bass