Samedi 30 novembre 2013 / Saturday 30th November 2013 14h30 / 2:30pm & 16h 30 / 4:30 pm La Chorale de la Jeunesse nationale de la Nouvelle-Zélande / New Zealand Youth Choir

Samedi 30 novembre 2013 / Saturday 30th November 2013
 & 16h 30 / 4:30 pm   2 CONCERTS!
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
Ste-Catherine / University. Metro McGill

Contribution volontaire  /  Freewill donation

SouNZ in the City

La Chorale de la Jeunesse nationale
de la Nouvelle-Zélande

David Squire, conductor / directeur 
 14h30  / 2:30pm
Andrew Baldwin (NZ)       Magnificat
Benjamin Britten               A Hymn to the Virgin
Robert Schumann             Vier Doppelchörige Gesänge
1. An die Sterne 2. Ungewisses Licht 3. Zuversicht 4. Talismane
Elliott Carter                    Musicians wrestle everywhere
Bob Chilcott                    Nova! Nova!
Bob Chilcott                    The Shepherds’ Carol
David Hamilton (NZ)        Una Noche de Verano
Herbert Howells               Take him, earth, for cherishing
Stephen Lange (NZ)          He wishes for the cloths of heaven
Richard Madden (NZ)        I Sing of a Maiden

Franz Gruber          Silent Night, arr Terence Maskell (NZ)   
15h 30 / 3:30 pm
Organ Recital
James Tibbles, organ / orgue

Praeludium  in G                                        N. Bruhns 
Variations on Ach, wie nichtig             G. Böhm   
Concerto in b, after Vivaldi, (Allegro)   J. Walter   
Vater unser im Himmelreich                       G. Böhm   
Trio sonata in Eb BWV (Allegro)  BWV 525  J.S. Bach        

Prelude in Eb     BWV  552                 J.S. Bach

16h 30 / 4:30 pm
Christopher Marshall arr (NZ)   Minoi minoi
Douglas Mews arr (NZ)             Pokarekare ana
Douglas Mews (NZ)                            Two folk songs of the sea
1. Come all you tonguers 2. Blood red roses
R. Murray Schafer  Miniwanka (or The Moments of Water)
Traditional arr Terry Schlenker           O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Michael Tippett arr        
Five Spirituals from A Child of Our Time
1. Steal Away         2. Nobody knows  3. Go down, Moses
4.By and By  5. Deep River
Te Whanau Wehi (NZ)                       Te Iwi e
Te Whanau Wehi (NZ)                       Wairua Tapu
George Shearing, arr Andrew Carter   Lullaby of Birdland