samedi 9 novembre 2013 / Saturday 9th November 2013 16h 30 / 4:30 pm - Musique d'Europe 1941-195, Trio Monbraque

Concert Review
The Trio Monbraque was in excellent form for their concert this past week at L'Oasis Musicale. Jonathan Bailey's flute playing, particularly in Messiaen's Le Merle Noir, was finely constructed, passionate, and engaging. His tone on the flute was soaring through the variations and rhythmically challenging music. Genevieve Beaudet proved an excellent pianist partner for him in the Prokofiev Sonata Op. 94, a piece requiring enormous endurance and tenacity from both musicians.  Donald Pistolesi joined them for Martinu's trio H300, a charming work, which in contrast to how it may appear on the score, sounded perfectly natural to the ear. In all, a terrific concert. 
samedi 9 novembre 2013 / Saturday 9th November 2013
16h 30 / 4:30 pm
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
Ste-Catherine / University. Metro McGill

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Musique d’Europe 1941-1951

Sonata in D for flute and piano, Op 94 (1943)
Sonate pour flûte et piano opus 94
                                                 Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953)
  Andantino – Allegro – Andante – Allegro con brio

Le merle noir (1951)             Olivier Messiaen (1908 – 1992)

Trio for flute, cello and piano, H300 (1944)
Trio pour flûte, violoncello et piano
                                         Bohuslav Martinů (1890 – 1959)

Poco allegretto - Adagio - Andante - Allegretto scherzando

Trio Monbraque

Jonathan Bailey, flûte
Donald Pistolesi, violoncelle
Geneviève Beaudet, piano